Hypnotherapist Paul Goldin Dies

February 13, 2008

hypnotherapist paul goldinPaul Goldin was a well-known and respect hypnotist. He worked both as a stage hypnotist but also by combining hypnotherapy with behavioural-psychology.

Today, Mr Goldin’s family announced that Goldin passed away at 11.15 this morning, surrounded by his friends and family, after a short illness.

Born to a French father and English mother, Goldin moved to England during the Second World War. Whilst studying medicine, he became interested in the psychological application of hypnosis and was soon performing as a stage hypnotist by the time he was in his mid-twenties.

In 1948, Goldin moved to Ireland. Goldin ran a hypnotherapy practice, the Paul Goldin clinic, in Dun Laoghaire, close to Dublin, where he also taught hypnotherapy up to Masters level, including a Masters in Behavioural Psychology and Logistics.

In 1978, Goldin travelled to British Guyana at the request of the British government to help those who were involved in the Jonestown’s massacre.

In a quote to the Irish Times in 2001, Goldin said:

“Afterwards, I decided to use [my techniques] in a positive way to empower people to reach their potential. Thats what I do – I teach people to develop peak performance, by subconsciously replicating their ideal, I’m not a miracle-worker, though. I can’t make you be the world’s greatest pianist if you don’t play the piano!”


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